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E22 - Biohazard Blah Blah

Download E22 - Biohazard Blah Blah (MP3).

Kerry and Rinat discuss the problem space, Bounded Contexts within it, Subdomains, and the Core Domain of "Getting Things Done"(TM). After the DDD discussion, they dive into the initial approach to structuring the code, exploring the Published Language, and making sense of information flows.


  • Fork our GTD repository and explore branch for Episode E22
  • Add a local branch to your fork of the repo (use YourName_E22 as the name of the branch)
  • Try adding more methods, Commands, and Events according to the GTD Methodology.
  • Can you think of a better name for "Tenant" as discussed in the episode?

Episode References:

What do you think?

Published: January 29, 2013.

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