E03 - Commanding Your Words

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Kerry and Rinat discuss the importance of the spoken words we use and how they impact the messages we create in code. From there, they introduce two critical message types: commands and events.

Here's the factory plan, referenced in this episode:

Factory plan


  • Write a short dictionary of words that reflect the names of the commands and events which could be used to describe a day at this car factory. This is how we define the vocabulary and ubiquitous language of the context being modeled.
  • What are some of the parameters of these words that would make up their definition?
  • Try to write a coherent story about situations that can happen at the factory. Use the names of these commands and events that are in our domain dictionary to ensure that the spoken language has been captured properly within the story. Normal sentences that would be used as part of normal spoken language.
  • Explain how the factory workers would react to these commands and how they would carry them out.


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