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Hi! I'm Rinat Abdullin. Husband and father of two kids. Immigrant in Vienna.

I started working with software in 2004 (or earlier, if making pocket money by doing coding homework for other kids counts). A few years ago I pivoted to Data Science and Machine Learning because it looked more fun.

This website is a collection of my mistakes, discoveries and code snippets.

Beautiful technical debt

What looks like a technical debt in a software solution, might be the most efficient way for people to deliver business value in a given situation. There is a beauty in that, if observed from a distance.

Don't make paying off technical debt your mission. Use it as a guide to understand the landscape and build solutions. Continued...

Event Storming

Event Storming is a workshop where people use colored post-it notes to discover and understand together something complex: business, process or software.

Watch 12 minute video summary.

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