Rinat Abdullin

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If you want to talk about software or ask a question, don't hesitate to write me an email.

I'm learning a lot from the smart and kind people around the world. I'd be glad to help out someone as well.

About Me

I'm a software engineer who has been working on commercial projects since 2004.

Along the way I have been very lucky to learn from outstanding people and work with them on the exciting projects:

  • contributed to the book on Implementing Domain-Driven Design;
  • designed architecture of a social network;
  • helped to deliver big data analytics for retail in the cloud;
  • helped to scale multi-channel inventory management software past 1.5B events;
  • delivered real-time analytics for a social network;
  • helped to build a data science infrastructure for an international transport organization.

I used to blog and occasionally talk at the conferences about CQRS, Event Sourcing, Domain-Driven Design and scaling event-driven systems. Birth of two kids changed my priorities and time availability since then.

You can check out the latest blog posts to find things I'm really interested about these days.