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Once upon a time I got fascinated with an underrated piece of software called FoundationDB. This was before it was acquired by Apple, taken offline and then made Open Source again.

You can read more about FoundationDB is cool in FoundationDB is Back!.

One of the amazing things about FoundationDB was how well it was tested. The team was running the entire distributed system (cluster) inside a virtual environment. They could simulate network failures, power outages and other problems that are hard to reproduce. The entire test suite could run years of simulated runtime in minutes, while still allowing to deterministically reproduce that specific fault condition.

I strongly recommend watching this 40 minute video by Will Willson.

Needless to say that I got fascinated by the idea and wanted to learn and re-implement it.

This section is a collection of exercises and materials that helped me to make some progress in this area.


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