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Stop user session tracking experiment

For the past months I've been running an experiment on

Outcome: not worth it for me. The setup was clever, but the simplicity of "I don't track your session, even in anonymous and aggregated way" - wins.

I could produce charts like that:


or that:

2022-08-26-user-flow-analytics-complex.png But in reality a chart like that is good enough for me:


Update list for the website:

  • Remove Hotwired Turbo and stop tracking user sessions. We are back to plain old server-side pages.
  • Upgrade rendering pipeline to Python 3.9 (and a couple of other dependencies)
  • Convert project repository to a proper Python project with, setup.cfg, pyproject.toml etc. This is consistent with Python standards and data science projects that I help to manage at day work. Less context switching is good.

Published: August 26, 2022.