Was Your Software Career Like This?

A week ago I've published CQRS "Research tree" post. It had a PDF that was mapping together benefits of the methodologies that compose together CQRS-based development and Cloud computing (in my personal perspective) along with the directions that you can drive your software project through, once you get inside this territory.

After getting feedback from various sources (thank you, folks!), I've decided to add a few more steps to this road-map. These are the things one might encounter before stalking into the CQRS territory.

NB: Just a side note. I understand that CQRS is a buzz-word. Yet as a buzz-word it conveniently packs multiple time-proven concepts under a single mental model, that is easy to work with (and share the knowledge further). As such, it works for me.

Below you will find image of how the draft looks like right now. It all starts with Personal Motivation, Unit Testing and Source Control.

Software Development Career Roadmap

Download Hi-Res PNG

The Roadmap is based on my personal experience coupled with the insights I've been getting from the development communities. This overview might be different from yours, since I didn't have any formal CS education (administrative economics instead).

NB: Later on I'm planning to add detailed descriptions with the "enables" section, just like the first roadmap had.

Does it resemble your software development career? Are there any important steps that I've missed?

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