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Long story made short - Project Report for the xLim 1

xLim 2 is a set of principles/guidelines that come from some experience and serve specific purpose of efficiently building flexible and light distributed information management systems.

Long before the xLim 2 there was xLim 1 (or simply "Lim" at that time). It was purely a research/study project undertaken in the spring of 2007 to explore efficient ways of building distributed Smart Client applications for information management purposes. It took 52 days to get from the project initialization phase to the proper close-out.

As you may know, one of the PM principles is to capture all the "lessons learned" on the close-out before moving to another project. That's how it was done with the Lim 1 as well.

If you are interested in the history, then you can download xLim 1 Project Report. It is a short 15 page summary that highlights major areas that constitute the body of knowledge captured in the course of xLim 1 project.

Additionally there is an archive of screenshots (referenced as Finals.zip in the report document). Here are some pictures from it to give you the idea:

Lim System Explorer   Simple web dashboard for lim server   Project extension module for xLim 1

Right now this old report seems to be quite naive and incomplete (it actually is), since there has been so much learned with xLim 2 (it looks like it would be extremely hard to keep the xLim 2 report under 50 pages). Yet, it was an important step. Without it xLim 2 could not have started and branched off several commercial implementations.

Any comments, feedback or questions are welcome.

PS: I definitely wish that other development teams (esp. DevExpress XAF team) published reports like this one (or in any other manner that attempts to capture information essential to the efficient development and delivery of frameworks/platforms and their implementations).

Published: February 13, 2008.

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