Get Real and Move Forward

These are a few interesting facts about Lokad, that you might find entertaining.

In last 10 days team of 3 devs at Lokad delivered 9 official releases. This covers 4 different projects developed in parallel.

Tenth release goes live tomorrow: an upgrade of Salescast. It brings online final elements of infrastructure needed to deliver quantile forecasts that represent major breakthrough in inventory optimization done by our amazing analytics R&D team. As you know, one of our customers managed to save million of euro at monthly cost of 150 EUR, and this was before quantiles surfaced.

All this business intelligence is cloud-capable from the start and keeps on getting further reductions in development friction, risks and wasted efforts. We just keep on moving forward faster, adapting to changing environment on the go. This acceleration happens not via the increase of development teams but by working smarter. While doing that we don't hide everything behind the curtains but rather share as much secrets as possible with the community (check our open source projects). This is rewarding in many ways.

When I hear about development teams and companies that spend time moving at slower pace than that - it does not feel right. We are living in amazing times, where speed of change keeps on accelerating, as new disruptive technologies come into play. Cloud computing, mobile devices, personalized large-scale data processing, real-time intelligence and global socialization were unheard of by our parents and now they are a reality. Can you guess what things your kids would play with? I can't even imagine, but I can try to help building that different future. It will come fast.

So get out of greenhouses with slow monthly releases and reality distortion field of ivory-tower architects and unlimited budgets. These walls are not going to hold on for much longer; things like "economical crisis", "technology changes", "political reforms" and "new market players" are probably already breaking through into previous safe heavens.

Get out of the house and go play outside. Find things that you enjoy and push them to their limits. You can work from the ocean beach at Bali, travel around the cities for beers with friends or just explore the world along the way. This would also help to fuel inspiration and motivation on the go.

Get real. Challenge authorities and people who dare to tell you what is wrong and what is right without proving their words by practice. Even if they prove - still challenge them, you might be able to do better. You should be able to do better - that's how humanity pushes forward state of the art.

It's also fun.

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