From .NET to Erlang - Starting Work with Large Free Dating Website

10 years spent in .NET were fun, but it is time to try something radically different. As you probably already know, I'm moving to a new project at HappyPancake - large free online dating website (largest one in the North Europe, if I'm not mistaken). I'll be working with outstanding people there: Tomas Roos and Tom Janssens.

I'm a completely newbie in this development stack (summarised by Tom):

Migrating a large free dating website from the Microsoft stack to Erlang/Linux...
  Some keywords:
  - Programmer anarchy!!!
  - Erlang/Python/C/
  - FoundationDB / Phonegap / flightjs / responsive design
  - Chatroom devops
  - Remoting
  - CQRS / DDD / Eventstorming
  - Wercker / DigitalOcean / Github / BrowserStack / PhantomJs / Behave
  - Campfire / Mindmup / Google docs / Dropbox / Google Hangout
  - And many more!

I hope to be learning fast enough to keep up with these guys, so that they will not kick me out of the team due to the sheer stupidity, of which I'm guilty on more than one occasion. So far the experience has been truly amazing.

We're going to have RnD blog for this project.

I'm still going to stay with Lokad in a support role, however my time spent there is going to be limited. The company needs somebody to take on some of my responsibilities. If you are an experienced .NET developer with desire to get immersed into Windows Azure devops, Big Data, Business Analytics and event sourcing, there is an opportunity for you in Paris (I'll try to help as much as I can in this process). Please get in touch via

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