Being the Worst Updates

This is an update post to being the worst podcast on software design, which we started with Kerry Street at the end of this summer.

A few things have changed since then.

Module 1 (or Season 1, if you wish) is almost finished. In the second one we will switch to slightly more complicated domain (Factory is too simple). Further episodes will base on previously covered material with additional focus on:

  • Production experience of a SaaS project run by one man or a small team;
  • Collaboration between team members (or with external outsourcing parties);
  • Collaboration between multiple sub-domains; integration with external systems;
  • Deeper level of Domain-Driven Design;
  • Patterns of Client UI development (including mobile clients, web UI).

We'll see how it goes. So far, we are still the very worst and excited about staying this way. Growing community and support it provides - encourage us to keep moving forward personally while sharing the lessons learned:

  • 250 subscribers milestone reached and still counting.
  • Tonight I plan to record first episode of Being The Worst in Russian with Anton Vinogradenko. It will mirror english version, benefiting from its (relatively) coherent viewpoint, heavily commented samples and all additional reference implementations that will be added later.
  • Tom Janssens contributed sample code in erlang for one of our episodes. There is work in community to provide Java equivalent for that, as well.

Sharing knowledge became even deeper part of Lokad approaches (which are presented in this podcast). The same materials are reused in development training. Additionally our new Lokad Data Platform initiative shares theoretical foundation with BTW podcast. It is currently being introduced to largest retail companies in Europe as a way to enable high-speed data integration between formerly locked systems. Approaches and experience behind Data Platform will be covered in later modules of "Being The Worst" along with all these "big data", "real-time", "cloud computing" and "business intelligence" topics.

Besides, I'm personally just curious, what would happen to the development world if some educational equivalent of "Advanced Distributed Systems Course with DDD and Event Sourcing" would be made available for free to the community (along with coherent set of additional study materials, assignments and samples). This can be an empowering social elevator for the people from undeveloped regions or poor families.

What do you think about the podcast so far?

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