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Blog fully migrated to Obsidian

Last weekend I finally finished my great blog refactor v6! It is such a relief and good feeling, that I really want to share it here.

TLDR; is now better integrated into Obsidian. This enables to move articles around, use wikilinks and wikilink-style images and benefit from the knowledge graph.

As I side effect, I discovered and pulled aside collections of articles on event sourcing, opinionated tech and robotics. All that done is done mostly without breaking any existing (and very messy links) 🙂


Implementation Details

Here is how the website currently works.

I write my blog posts in Obsidian. When there is a time to publish, Python script runs. It will:

  1. Grab all markdown files and extract YAML-frontmatter from them. YAML contains just a few config entries:
    • uid - unique auto-generated id;
    • title - in case I want to have special symbols in the title;
    • url - canonical (latest) url for the article.
  2. Run markdown through Markdown and Pygments (for code snippets).
  3. Run through wikimedia link parser to convert links like [[2017-12-17 Black Friday load|Black Friday]] to proper <a href.
  4. Generate static html, wrapping markdown content with an html layout (Flask and Jinja).
  5. Load url_map.tsv and generate redirects from various url versions to current canonical representation.
  6. rsync resulting folder to a remote server. Caddy will serve it there.

That code used to be open source, but unfortunately isn't any more. Codebase is currently a mess 🤷 and is going to get even more messy. I want to bring back the comments and flatten the stack. That will require another rewrite.

Did you know that automatic HTTPS from Caddy is available as a golang library?

However, if you are interested in blogging, setting up a blog or just writing in general, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Writing is an important part of staying connected, productive and healthy in a remote-first culture. I'd be glad to help! ✌️ ❤️

Published: September 19, 2022.

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