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Call for Research: Identifying patterns for AI solutions in business

  • Duration: 45-minute focused session
  • Your input: highlight your key business challenges and review potential AI applications together
  • My role: provide expert AI insights and potential solutions
  • Outcome: collaborative exploration to identify practical AI applications for business

Let's Explore AI Innovations Together


Throughout my career, I have been involved in various domains from warehouse management to social platforms to international logistics. This exposure allows me to understand business problems across domains. In the past year, while working as a consultant, I’ve been gaining more and more understanding on how to power up businesses, solving their key challenges with the benefits that AI has to offer.

If you want to read more about me and my expertise: this is my website and my newsletter where I from time to time publish my AI-driven cases and solutions.

The Core of Our Research

My current research revolves around the process of AI adoption in various business sectors. The goal is to identify patterns of opportunities for custom AI solutions. This involves understanding specific industry challenges, potential AI applications, and the impact of these technologies on existing workflows.

Is This Research Right for You?

This initiative is designed for decision-makers who are actively shaping the IT and AI landscape of their organizations. Ideal collaborators are those in roles such as Senior Product Managers, CTOs, CEOs, Founders, or other high-level positions where strategic decisions about technology are made.

If you're someone who can drive change and implement innovative IT solutions in your business, your insights and participation would be highly valuable in this research. I'm looking for thought leaders eager to explore AI's potential and impact at the top levels of business decision-making.

Let's Collaborate on AI Research

I'm looking for businesses interested in exploring AI possibilities within their domains. Our collaboration will include a focused 45-minute call to exchange thoughts on potential AI applications in your industry. I'll share insights from similar cases, discuss common pitfalls, and explore potential shortcuts that can potentially be applicable as your solutions.

My approach is about partnership and mutual learning – I believe that the best way to understand and leverage AI is by sharing experiences and ideas. Let's explore the possibilities of AI together.

Your Unique Perspective

In return for sharing my insights, I'm eager to hear about the specific challenges and AI adoption hurdles your business might be facing. Your input is invaluable in shaping the direction of this research.

If your case is part of a recurring pattern observed at different companies, I might use it for a generalized analysis in my posts or newsletter articles. Client names and sensitive details are always kept confidential, ensuring that your proprietary information remains secure.

Ready to Dive into AI Exploration?

If you believe we could work well together, please complete the form below.

I will review each submission, then reach out to discuss more and plan a joint session. Expect a reply from me within a few days.