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ReactJS and Facebook Flux at DDDBE in Belgium

In January 2015 I was invited by awesome DDDBE community in Belgium to give a talk about building responsive web applications with Facebook Flux and React.js.

This was a big honor, since European DDD community is the place where the most of recent insights in Domain-Driven Design originate from.

Below you will find links to video, slides and the source code for this presentation.


Trappist Beer

Belgiam DDD community kindly introduced me to the Trappist Beer, which is probably among the best beers in the world.

Trappist beer is brewed by Trappist breweries. Only ten monasteries — six in Belgium, two in the Netherlands, one in Austria and one in the United States — currently brew beer and sell it as Authentic Trappist Product.

Weeks later, these few treasured bottles reminded me about the given promise to commit something cool to the Open Source, marking it with #dddbe_beers tag.

Thanks to _Orval Trappist Ale,seq` was delivered. It is a library in Golang to verify assertions against complex objects (e.g. events and API responses). We always wanted to have this library, while working on event-driven specifications at HappyPancake project.

You can find it out on github.


Many thanks to Mathias Verraes and Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse for organizing the event. Also my thanks go to the DDDBE community for having me and providing such an inspiring feedback.

DDD Belgium Community

We liked our last speaker @abdullin so much, that we've booked another Russian.

Bram De Moor:

Great talk yesterday! A nice mix between tech and conceptual overview, good pace, and comprehensive answers to the questions.

Tom Soete:

Note to self: Take day off after each @dddbe meeting! Can't wait to start playing with #ReactJS + #FluxJS after the great talk by @abdullin

David Cumps:

Had a very nice @DDDBE presentation by @abdullin, thanks. Enjoyed it, going to look into react and flux, really resonated.

Steven Willems:

Thx @abdullin for introducing me tonight to #flux and #reactjs. I really liked what I heard. Actually, it really is CQRS in the browser :)

Tom Janssens:

Thank you; we had a blast!

Kees van den Berg:

thanx for the inspiring presentation of Flux with the latest @DDDBE meetup

Sven Schelfaut:

Really nice @DDDBE session from @abdullin Looking forward to the next session @combell

Dieter Provoost:

Great talk on ReactJs/Flux by @abdullin for @DDDBE. Thanks!

Published: January 06, 2015.

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