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What's New in DDD

Just some news coming from the frontiers.

1. DDD eXchange Videos

DDD eXchange took place recently in London. Here are some of the videos recorded in the field and strongly recommended for watching:

See the rest of the videos for some more practical insights from Paul Rayner, Cyrille Martraire and Dan Haywood.

2. IDDD Book and Event Sourcing

IDDD Book by Vaughn Vernon is moving forward, and rough cut ebook will be published in a week or two (fingers crossed). Among other things, it is going to include a fe pages on aggregate design with event sourcing, accompanied by a little bit of sample code. Early preview of that code is already available on github.

Besides the aggregate design, this sample includes first drafts of our new embedded event store for file system and Azure blob storage, based on Riak Bitcask and some experience at Lokad. This code is not production-ready, yet (e.g.: there are known bugs with our usage of Blob leases on Azure).

Although the project also features simple implementation of MySQL and MS SQL event stores, it is not a replacement for event store of Jonathan Oliver or the proper ES server being developed by Gregory Young. It is a sample that tries to help the community by showing core pieces of building an event store and then using it in domain model.