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Updates to Practical CQRS Guide

As you probably know, last week we’ve started pushing effort on focused and practical CQRS Guide. Here’s a short status update of what has been done so far:

  • List of CQRS Communities around the world already contains 21 countries. Are you interested in CQRS Beers, learning and sharing as well? Please feel free to add yourself to that list!
  • DDD resources list contains a few new good videos and papers that showed up recently.
  • New CQRS case studies were added to the list. They tell about story and technologies behind a particular CQRS project (and how did it turn out). I’ve got a few more planned. You are welcome to ask questions in the community or share new stories.

This CQRS Guide will eventually unify and completely replace following resources scattered around the web:

  • about event centric development
  • Articles and theory for Lokad.CQRS Sample Project
  • Collection of CQRS case studies scattered around the place (Lokad.CQRS, bliki, etc)
  • CQRS Starting Point and similar resources

I will try to merge CQRS Info materials in as well.

Current short-term plan is to finish establishing vocabulary and importing existing materials; then move forward with some sort of incremental tutorial (probably 10-15 minutes recordings on various topics and answering questions). Much like our distributed podcast, but in smaller bites. As I recall, people were already interested in recording screencasts on Lokad.CQRS as well.

Major thanks go to:

  • Kerry for kicking me to move forward and helping with the content.
  • Awesome CQRS community for motivation and support.
  • Pieter Hintjens (AMQP, ZeroMQ) for explaining how to structure a social project and get it rolling really fast with limited resources.

BTW, I’ve been told by respected people (from the enterprise world), that I’m just confusing people and wasting my time with these things. Personally I couldn’t care less about public opinion, as long as it helps to push state of art and help community to move forward.

So, does it make any difference to you? How can we make even a bigger difference?