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CQRS Pocket Guide - Giving It a Spin

Ok, Folks. To avoid wasting time, I’ve set up a wiki community site at and filled it with some initial thoughts about kick-starting community-driven CQRS Pocket Guide.

If you have missed my previous blog post (which gathered an impressive and positive feedback across twitter, comments and emails), here’s short battle-plan to improve situation with coherent CQRS guidance available for people.

  • I promise to start writing CQRS Essays from the very start and the very basics. These will be published in a separate RSS stream along with other important updates, tips, links to important materials. Focus will be on small, basic and practical things (no ivory-tower enterprisey designs) that work and save day at Lokad.
  • We’d appreciate some help from the community to categorize and document all these materials, resources and case studies. Some initial Todo items have been outlined. I’ll keep them updated.
  • To try to make it worth the effort for active community members, I will later organize CQRS Beers, Virtual Workshops and teaching QA sessions (with guys who know the subject much better than I do).

Everybody is welcome to contribute (if you are either a newbie eager to learn or seasoned veteran that wants to share some thoughts and help us push the state of the art).

If nothing works out, we’ll have a wiki with some CQRS definitions, FAQ and list of essays on CQRS from this blog. If something works out, we’ll have a helpful resource on practical CQRS, that stays up-to-date with the latest state of the art.

How does this look like? Please don’t forget to share your feedback and thoughts!


  • Important: currently CQRS Story will be just a subcategory of posts within this journal. So if you are subscribed to it, there is no real need to subscribe to CQRS-Story RSS.
  • I hereby give all permissions to use materials from this blog and bliki on CQRS Pocket Guide site as community sees fit. No attribution or whatever is necessary.