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Development Software Requirements for the xLim 2 Solutions

In the last post I’ve talked briefly about some concepts of the xLim 2 approach. I’m going to continue with the software requirement for the efficient development of the solutions supporting this architecture.

NB: any person considering himself to be a good .NET software developer should at least know about the existence and functionality of these software pieces (or any suitable analogues).

IDE, required tools and libraries

Recommended tools


Development Environment Requirements

Tools for the Project Manager

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • MS Project (the project management and coordination)
  • MS Visio (all the diagrams)
  • Mindjet MindManager (workflow diagrams and brain-storming)
  • NDepend (to run code analysis at the project milestones)
  • SourceMonitor

Note: these are just the requirements for this specific xLim 2 approach the I’ve got used to work with. They simply derive from the specific architecture, software development principles, guidelines and standards. And they are changing rather quickly.

The next big post on xLim 2 will be about less tangible things: recommended reading, software development standards, guidelines and principles. Efficient software development is impossible without having those (and being consistent with that).